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Healthcare costs are the number one threat to public budgets, employee raises, and successful negotiations. Let's find a strategy to get those costs under control.

Innovative Strategies,
Collaborative Solutions.

The Liberty Benefit Advisors team has deep roots working with and advising public entities on all items health insurance related. We maintain a deep understand of the unique needs of public entities. Whether you are a school district, country, or municipality, we are available to help.

Healthcare costs are the biggest threat to your budget, to employee raises, and to successful negotiations. How many public entities have we seen go on strike or threaten to strike in the last several years? And what is always the issue? Health Benefits, of course.

At Liberty Benefit Advisors we strongly believe that the right solutions are the once that enhance both the financials and experience for all public stakeholders. We specialize in finding unique ways to mitigate the rising cost of healthcare, without violating your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

We also have a very successful negotiations track record. We are routinely invited in during negotiations to educate both the Board/Counsel, as well as the local bargaining unit. Our message to both sides is clear - we're in this together and we need to work together to solve the healthcare problem.


Liberty Benefit Advisors is privately held. This allows us to focus solely on the unique needs of our clients, as we are beholden to no one entity.



We work with a variety of partners in order to provide you with a solution that meets your unique needs. We are at the forefront of innovation in healthcare with the expertise of our parent company, Crumdale Partners.


We know the best way to achieve significant results is by way of collaboration. Our goal is always to find a solution that mitigates risk, but enhances the member experience.



One of our specialties. Let us use our budget modeling tool and communication tools to assist your organization during collective bargaining.

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