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Safely transition to a self-funded arrangement with the protection of a pool.

Independent, Agnostic,
Results Driven & Aligned

It's no surprise that an industry desperate for change doesn't receive it when there are no aligned incentives. Whether you are a Insurance Company, Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy, or Broker, there exists significant financial incentives to maintain the status quo.

How has the status quo worked for your organization? I'll bet you've had no choice but to cost shift to employees, increase their contributions, and essentially charge them more, but provide them with less.

It's time to change the conversation. It's time that your organization aligns its goals and objectives with its consultant. Your broker shouldn't be getting a 10% raise if you get a 10% premium increase at renewal - that's a mis-aligned incentive. If your broker does a great job mitigating risk, controlling your renewal, and providing you with substantial savings, then it makes sense to financially reward your broker.

stop loss pooling

Are you ready to self-fund, but afraid of the risk of catastrophic claims? Our stop loss pooling consortium allows groups of all sizes to safely self-fund.

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 partial risk share

Are you a public entity looking to take advantage of self-funding, but worried about the threat of catastrophic claims? Ask us about our Public Entities consortium programs.



Are you looking to make the most out of your self-funded health plan? Ask us about how our captive solutions can help you better manage risk.

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